Bug - Cloud Zoo - Invite Members

I’m trying to invite one of our team members to join our cloud zoo. He receives the email, but when he clicks on the link it wants him to join as me.


I assume he has his own email address and you are sending the invitation to that different address?

Does he already have a Rhino account based on a different email address?

Is he logged in as you using your email address?

Yes, I am sending it to his unique email address, but when we click on the link it shows me and my email address.

Yes, he had been logged in as me. I logged out, but it doesn’t take me to the join link, it takes me to the login screen. I cleared cookies and my name no longer shows up, but it still won’t let him join.

Okay, got it. We didn’t realize he needed to create an account before he could join a team, we assumed that prompt would come second, not first.

Mystery solved.

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