Not working Account

Hi All,

Our company have recently purchased 3x rhino5 to 6 upgrade license and created several Team account on the Zoo Cloud, however some of the newly created accounts can’t show the password field when login, after input the email address then the next page suppose to have a bar to input the password, however teh bar just in black. I have test the same account in several computer and with other account were ok. Please provide solution , thanks a lot.

Yes, I have experienced the same thing. I think one problem you can have is that as it is possible to have several e-mail addresses linked with an account, you might be trying to log in with an e-mail address linked to the account, but that particular e-mail doesn’t have a password associated with it. Or something like that. I remember having to go through various e-mail possibilities before I got the password field to open up so I could type something in.