Invitations not received

Hi everyone,

With just bought new Rhino7 licenses we decided to move our License Management system to Cloud Zoo that seems easier to maintain than a local server.

However we are having issues inviting members to the created Team. When I add users they never receive the email that invites them to create an account and join the team.
We also try to first create the account and then invite it and it does not work better.

Have you ever experienced this issue and do you know how to correct it?

Thanks for your help and have a nice day.

Hi @brice.canteneur1, can you give me a few emails you tried sending the invitations to?

Hi @aj1, for sure. Here is a screenshot of the invitations in the team in Rhino Accounts :

The strange thing is that one of my colleague actually received the email but only one of them.
Also I had a similar issue one year ago with a school email, the mail server just throw back the email like it was a junk email and it never got to the user because the firewall program just thought the link was a phishing attempt and did not let pass the invitation email from Rhino Accounts.

Couldn’t it be possible to get the invitation links directly from the team dashboard?

Thanks Brice.

I can confirm on my end that the emails were sent successfully—they are most likely being blocked by your email server.

As a workaround, you can send as many invitations as you want to an email address that can receive them, then forward the invitation to your teammates. The invitations do not force you to use the same email you used to invite them, so this will work.

Of course, it may be worth it to investigate why the email server is rejecting our emails.

Andrés Jacobo
Robert McNeel & Associates

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Thanks a lot Andrés for the workaround. I will use it in the meantime as reaching big company ITs to modify firewalls is quite hard to do!

The strange thing is that all other mcneel emails are not rejecting (even the ones from aj@mcneel) and only the invitations ones are rejected.

Thanks again and have a nice day!

You’re welcome!

The issue, I think, is that these emails contain a link that some strict email servers don’t like for some reason.

Andrés Jacobo
Robert McNeel & Associates