Rhino Make 2D is not working in a parallel projection

I am trying to do a make2d on some objects while in the SE Isometric view and every time I do it, there’s only a couple of lines that show up or none at all. When I try to run a make2d while in a perspective view, everything shows up.
The issue is that I need it to be in a parallel projection. Is there a workaround or some way to fix this issue?

try reducing the absolute tolerance to from something like 0.1 to 0.01 or better 0.001 for example.
that will make the make2d output generally more precise and closing curves which are open still
or even missing.

if thats not enough you can also try making Silhouette or MeshOutline for an outline as a start.

I’ve tried to reduce the tolerance and nothing is showing up still.
The silhouette command works, but unfortunately there is a lot of cleanup to do with the lines for me.
Thanks for input though.

you could post if not the whole file but a part of what you need if you want others to have a look for finding a solution. alternatively if you have access to the rhino 6 wip version from what i know is that there are current efforts to make this tool more effective.

Hi! I think this is the same as this one: Make 2D Rhino 6 Clipping Plane issue