Make 2d is cropping my perspective drawings

For some reason when I use make2d to produce an orthographic drawing, the perspective part of this drawing is sometimes cut as if I have made a section drawing. Its seems to happen randomly and I can’t make it stop. Any Ideas?

Do you have a file that shows the cropped result? I know you said it’s random but this an active area of development and it would be great to make sure we have this specific issue filed. It might also be a setting of course and I may be able to help more after seeing what’s happening.

Thanks for getting back Brian. you go.

bench.3dm (164.9 KB)

Thanks for the file… I’m having trouble reproducing the clipping though. Here’s what I did for comparison using Rhino 5 SR9

  • Open the file
  • Change the viewport to Perspective from it’s current setting of Parallel since we want a ‘3D’ view too in the Make2D result.
  • Orient the view as shown on the left viewport
  • Make2D 4 view Europe style

Did you do something different? It looks like your clipped view is actually in a Parallel projection but I don’t see the clipped result using Make2D on a rotated Parallel viewport either. This is pretty easy to test since you can change the Perspective view to a Parallel projection right before running Make2D. Let me know if you have more details on reproducing this if you can.

Not sure what’s happening, I’m doing exactly what you say. It just seems to happen randomly sometimes.
I did manage to get this to render properly once, but I don’t know what I did differently, and I can’t reproduce it… I’m baffled.


I believe you… my hunch is that it has to do with the camera clipping if you zoom really far in or have an object very far away from where you are currently looking. These are two scenarios where the render mesh may look clipped. I’m thinking this is also causing the Make2D result to be clipped/cropped. If you find this happening again, please save the file exactly as it is and send it in to referencing this forum conversation link in the notes please.

Thanks brian, i’ll do that.