Make 2D Rhino 6 Clipping Plane issue

Hi all,

I am having issues with the Make2D component. It gives an error when I create a 2d view of a section parallel to the clipping plane.

See attached file. make2d (14.3 KB)

Hope somebody can help.

Will download Rhino 7 WIP to see if it occurs there as well.



Checked the WIP Rhino 7. Same issue.
I think it has to do with the parallel view parallel to the section, but my computer brain can not compute why GH can not compute.

Anyhow, all tips are welcome!



I think I am having the same here! Took my whole day, I’m going nuts. I wanted to generate plan views.

When reproduced then 2 intersecting cubes but it is working for cones for a strange reason. When the view seems to be different than the clipping plane it works nicely. Video and .gh attached. (205.7 KB) help!

2020-04-19 17-51-14|video

It is the same in R6, R7WIP. Probably GH bug

I think this issue has been reported many times in the last few years. As it stands I think you cannot generate sections or plans with grasshopper, only isometric projections. I really hope someone will have a look at the video where I reproduced the bug also the script to demonstrate it.

Hi @rajaa, @dale,

Can you make a youtrack for this please?
This is definitely a bug. I just tried with ‘HiddenLineDrawing’ and if clipping plane is parallel to the view plane, then either clipping plane is ignored completely or an error is raised on any call to Rhino.Geometry.HiddenLineDrawingSegment.CurveGeometry.

I assume this is what happens to the Grasshopper “Make 2D” component as well.

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Hi @georgestaminiau,

Does this happen (e.g. not work) if you just use the Make2D command? (I am not at a place where I can test your GH solution right now…)

– Dale


I think I’m facing the same issue too. I can’t manage to get clipping plane input working with Make2D component. I attached below the .gh definition to reproduce the error. XY planes seems to work, but not XZ or YZ planes (planes are always parallel to the view, see the screenshot). (41.4 KB)

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Yes this works in front view (native view from rhino)
The problem is occurring when I make a parallel view rotated around the z-axis aligned with the section.

Remove XY and XZ or YZ than it work
The problem : the plane which have the same normal as view, when moved sometimes don’t work

Test this with python

make2d (21.2 KB)


Make2d works, the problem is within GH make2d.
Parallel clipping plane cutting right angle planes…
It is also happening with two different sized cubes, first I thought it may be overlapping surfaces that is causing the issue.


I think it is a bug, too, it seemed to abrupt to be true, how is anyone using the GH make2d component for generating ANY plans or sections?? I thought it was my green ears… Burnt an entire day trying to fix my script and test / reproduce it trillion ways.

Can you point me into direction? Also what software is everyone using for recording the screen? They seem be the same with the yellow highlight on the mouse pointer, is it built into Grasshopper?

I assumed you meant Make2D in R6 or R7. Yes, they do work.
It is strange it is happening with the cubes, not with the cones.

Unfortunately, the purpose in my case is precisely to work with clipping planes with same normal as the view.
In addition, I need the Vt and Ht types outputs which I use to sort curves next.

There are many screen recorder

Script updated with SilhouetteType output

make2d (31.2 KB)


No its not. I use OBS Studio ( Open Broadcaster Software). And trim the video with Blender. Don’t know about others @anon39580149


This is definitely a bug and it’s very easy to reproduce.
Take just two boxes put them next to each other and here you go.

Rotate the boxes arbitary and everything will work.

Hi @dale, @rajaa,

Is there a chance that we get this fixed in Rhino 6?
It is quite essential for my current work.