Rhino Main settings export

I am running Rhino 8 on two computers and would like to have the same working environment set up (toolbars etc) on both.
Is there any way to export and import Rhino settings?
I could not find any such option in Rhino.

In theory it should work like this:

Under the Window menu, go to window Layouts and choose “Manage window layouts”, and save your current window layout with a name. Then select the name in the list and hit the disk icon - “Export window layout” and save it somewhere (it makes an .rhw file). That’s part one.

For part two, navigate to:
C:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Rhino 8 AppData\settings. (substitute your user name for username in the path) In this folder you will find a file called settings-Scheme__Default.xml

Copy both the .rhw and the .xml files to the new computer. First navigate to the same settings folder as above and replace the original settings-Scheme__Default.xml with the copied one. (you could copy the original somewhere else just in case)

Then open Rhino on the new computer and in the same “Manage window layouts” dialog, import the .rhw file from the other computer.

In theory again, that should do it.