How to use Export To Sketchup from Rhino Plugin


Just downloaded the plugin that enables an export from Rhino to Sketchup, and placed in under the “plugin” folder on my mac.

But how do I use it? I’m new to plug-ins, but cannot find it as a command, nor under file -export/export selected.

Any advice? Thanks a lot.

  • Thomas.

Are you sure that plug-in is made for Mac? Haven’t heard of any Rhino plug-ins that run on Mac yet, but maybe my info is outdated…


Well, I dont know mac. But you can go too options > Plugins > install plugin and select the plugin :smile:
Or drag and drop it into rhino. Then commands should be usable. On windows at least :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes, but not on Mac. Square peg, round hole…

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Had too translate that last part in google translate too understand what you meant. Didnt know what a peg was ^^

But thats why I’m saying how to do it on windows and telling I have no xp in Mac. Sometimes its the same on both :smile: But not with plugins then xD

Ok, then it won’t work.

Thank a lot, guys - very helpful!

do you have sketchup pro? if so, you could try using .3ds exports from rhino then import that into sketchup… .3ds has a few limitations (such as polycount per group is ~65k) but it’s the fastest format for getting things into sketchup from rhino.

if you don’t have sketchup pro, you can try one of the OBJ importer plugins for sketchup like this one:

the problem with that one is that it’s painfully slow (as in, a few hours to bring in a decent sized model from rhino)

here’s a newer one which i haven’t tried but read the comments in the link to get an idea of how sketchupFree users feel about the $100 price tag.

it’s possible we’ll see a Collada exporter (.dae) in mac rhino soon in which case, that will probably be the best way to go between rhino and the free (and pro) version of sketchup