Rhino MAC - replacing Autocad

We are very happy, that Rhino came out for mac.
Please enhance Layout capability as soon as possible, make your hatch patterns better (transparency, gradients) and make sure that making a pdf of the drawings is fast and easy.

Because then we would no longer need Autocad in our company (furniture and architecture). If in Rhino it is possible to make great 3d-models and good 2d-Plans, then this software would entirely replace the monster of Autodesk (with all its bugs). Believe me, that would be great (also economically) for a loooot of companies.

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What I mean by that is, that doing the design in 3d and the technical elaboration in 2d in the same software would be an enormous benefit of the workflow!

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I do believe all of your requests are in the pipeline- Make sure you are keeping your mac rhino up to date, as each service release will have enhanced functionality and bug fixes. Timing with mcneel is always “as soon as it works well” so that is a tough criteria to schedule against, but in my experience however long you have to wait usually results in one of the main mission statements for mcneel- “Deliver beyond client expectations”

   Mcneel mission statement (copied from http://www.en.na.mcneel.com/contact.htm) 

To enrich its clients, employees, suppliers, community,

    and stockholders – in that order.



    Manage resources by focusing on client satisfaction. We focus on these priorities:
    **Deliver beyond client expectations**.Continuously improve products, processes, people, and client profitability.Innovate, providing creative solutions to old problems using new methods 
      and technology.

This would be fantastic! We are looking for a long time to combine 2d and 3d Software for the mac platform. It would make our workflow much better and easier.

I believe layouts are coming in the next service release, 5.2. Personally I have no use for it but I understand that is the main new feature coming.

See here: Layouts in the Mac release

Those of us to generate printed plans really need layouts.

Fortunately, the product is so feature rich in its initial release that I can wait a LITTLE for them. :wink:

I cannot say enough good things about it.

I just want to underline again, how important it would be for our company, that the Layout function is implemented well in Rhino for mac. We are doing furniture and architecture and our process always starts with 3d modelling. But once a design is done, we have to produce 2d-plans and layouts (A4, A3, A2, A1, A0). In the past we have done this last step always in Autocad. But then you have to import all the stuff all the time, Autocad is very painful in layouting (transparencies not working well, plans hardly print “centered”, hatches destroyed when making pdfs ecc).

To use one software for this process would be cheaper (only one license), faster, and you have all the time the super functions of Rhino ready (Make 2d, import pdfs, point edit, rebuild …).

We really love Rhino and would like to get rid of AutoCAD forever and ever as soon as possible.

You can test layouts now if you download and install the current WIP… --Mitch

Rhino can’t replace Autocad, it’s too stable, and doesn’t crash nearly enough.


I was talking of the functionalities :slight_smile:

There is a reason why we want to get rid of AutoCAD. And that is exactly because it is unstable, painful to print PDF’s - and graphics, and can handle only lines. And the 3d-functionalities are a joke.

Rhino replaced autocad in our office since version 5. Complete 2D architectural documentation.


Cool “epiphany”

It is the Windows version, right? The mac layouting tool is still a bit painful… Hope they get better soon.

Can I have some information about your workflow? Do you use separate files for 2d and 3d drawings or are they all in the same file? Do you use any BIM-plugin? (This question, because update sections, views and floor plans all the time manually is always so much work)

Thanks a lot!

Hi Pierre,
Can I get some details about what else you need in Rhino for Mac now that Layouts have been implemented?
Please post your suggestions.

I am not sure if you saw this, but I did a short video on how to add and configure Layouts in Rhino for Mac.
Here is the link.

Mary Ann Fugier


We desperately need a Make2d that works reliably.

Am in a similar situation to Pierre. Have been using Vectorworks for over 10 years for architecture / furniture 2D work and using Rhino for 3D.
Would like to do all 2D work in Rhino so would be great if some more features could be added. These are some that come to mind >


  • Have layout options in sidebar
  • Option to look at layouts without it being in separate window
  • Ability to select and delete multiple pages
  • Duplicate page
  • Presets for page size, A4, A3 etc
  • Allow for polygon detail views

General for 2D drawings

  • Double click on curves/polygons to edit points
  • Gumball, Have option for handles on each corner to edit, so quicker to scale & move
  • Edit dimension once created, as in snap to points. rather then needing to create new dimension
  • Length and size info when selecting object, to avoid measuring each time
  • Make it easier to create / apply / change solid fills
  • Select / Delete multiple blocks
  • Ability to import multiple DWGS at one time

no clue when this will happen on the mac though, hopefully also on the list there.

Does Make2d in V6 work for you?

hey Greg, sorry for the late reply i was not sure if you asked me
so i first ignored it.

going over my emails today i saw that it was actually in reply
to my name, so i assume now you addressed me :smiley:

to answer your simple question, i dont have v6.
would not mind playing with it a bit but since for now
other than in my university i have no license.

but i really hope for everybody that it becomes a ton better
it was a real pain getting some lines to be precise,
even though working with tricks like silhouette, intersect
and meshoutline it hardly worked as intended.

specifically on mac to bring some isometric text into illustrator for example
dealing all over sudden with tolerances just to get a few lines anyhow over
was even with rebuilding lines or changing degree not fully possible.

for me thats a very important aspect since rhino is also very much a tool
for representational efforts and when text which is extracted through make 2d
has some extra bows and curves thats an absolute no go.

so holding thumbs and crossing fingers that this becomes a real star
in the next major release :slight_smile:

Any update when the improved Make2d hits Mac?

You will see improved Make2D in the early RhinoWIP for Rhino 6 for Mac. We don’t yet have a good idea when those will be public, but definitely after Rhino 6 for Windows ships.