Rhino LookAt command?

Greetings everyone,

Trying to find an existing command or script that would have one or more objects LookAt another object. For some reason I’ve used this feature in other software but never had a reason to see if Rhino could do it.

In my case, get two objects automatically oriented to look at another object.  (eyes to look at/focus on a dummy object.)

Searched and noticed a script that is a Face Camera/ billboard feature; not sure if this would work for me. http://wiki.mcneel.com/people/pascalgolay

Hi Michael- so the idea is for one object to maintain it’s orientation relative to another, so of the target object is moved the looking object will pivot or something, is that it?


You got it. Say I have two boxes on a desk, I want them both pointed at a sphere no matter where it is placed.

In this case boxes are rotating upon their center and pointing to the center of the sphere.

Here is an example in 3D Studio Max

I’m not trying to animate anything, just make something easier to handle.

Yeah… There is no way to do this in plain Rhino and I do not see how to cook something up with python or something in a dynamic, interactive way, but it would be possible to make it work if you were willing to specifically ask for an update of LookAt objects from time ti time. On the other hand Grasshopper can surely do this, or be made to do it, but I am not sure that it would be practical enough going through GH.


So far it seems to be more effort than it’s worth.

I’ll just use a makeshift solution with T-Spline controls and clever grouping.

The animation module Bongo would be a solution. But it is a paid module, certainly too much if you just need the Bongo ‘Look At’ feature.

Thanks so much, fixed what I needed to manually. But if it ever comes up again I will try the Bongo trial.