Animation: Trying to rotate an object

Hi everyone,

Could someone kindly look at the following Rhino file:

Exercise-120.3dm (301.6 KB)

I am trying to animate the process of first showing this layer:

“Parallel piece 00 deg”

And then I would like to hide that layer and reveal this layer:

“Parallel piece 90 deg”

And I would like to go back and forth with this process.

I assume that this is doable, but I am really lost as to how to proceed.

Thank you.


Hi @Stanley
This is quite easy in Bongo, which is an animation plug-in for Rhino. In vanilla Rhino, no object animation is possible, only really simple camera animations - although it would be possible in Grashopper as well.
HTH, Jakob

Hi Jakob,

Thank you for the information.

Perhaps I will try to learn how to do this in Grasshopper, since I already have it with Rhino 6.

Maybe Bongo would be good and easy to use, but acquiring it would cost me extra money. Moreover, I am always a little wary of plug-ins, because they might cause trouble with the main program.

Anyway, thank you for pointing me in useful directions.