Hi EVERY ONE , we need an improve for rhino (please ... PROGRAMMERS)

hi …

please upgrade the orient to surface command.

I think so these command need for improve.

  1. on surface and on polysurface and on mesh

  2. object active rotate and active scale and active move like matrix GOOD DAYS AND BEST REGARDS


hi Cengiz,

A while ago I published an early version of a plugin tool that lets you place objects on other objects (incl. Polysurfaces and Meshes) along with ‘live’ rotate and scale.

You can take a look and download here:




thanks .
i will try it.

as far as I can see, successful

THiS WORK very good. congratulations.

.i think so c key settings replace to mause left click Can be good. if possible .!!

if is there this. i did not see ,sorry .

Hi Cengiz, good to hear it works for you.
On Rhino 6 LMB should work to copy. I n 5, only C key. Do you have Rhino 6 installed?