Hi. It works well, added it for rhino loft.

R-loft.3dm (861.1 KB)

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Nice, similar to sweep2, but creates a single surface (sweep2 produces 15 joined surfaces). Only disadvantage is the high point count in places. Can that be tweaked?

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That’s because “MyLoft” does not follow the edge curves exactly…

That results in a really crappy surface quality.

I would have a tendency to make one nice smooth surface from good input curves, then trim out the jagged top part. An example below, I only took a minute to do this, the input curves could be tweaked more to get closer to the trim curves if you took a little time.

SmoothSrf.3dm (552.5 KB)

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Yep, either loft is just the wrong tool for that surface.


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Hi @Helvetosaur,

So how did you go about creating the top curve for your smooth surface whilst ensuring the surfaces would go through the trim curves?

They don’t - you can see that in the file. I simply flattened out a copy of the top trim curve using SetPt, then rebuilt it with the same number of points as the bottom one - already far too many with 250, but I just left it at that - then I used CageEdit to approximately re-curve the rebuilt the top curve in the right view to an very rough approximation of the original. I then Lofted the new top and bottom then pulled the original curve to the surface to trim it.

With History on, I could have tweaked the new top curve to get the loft result to pass closer to the original. It will never be perfectly on, you can’t have jagged cutouts like this and expect 100% precision with the original, but for this kind of stuff “close enough” is often fine (IMHO).

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this is what x-nurbs can make out of it. But as @Helvetosaur mentioned, it needs some tolerance. I had to pull the curves back to the surface for this as well

R-loft_x-nurbs.3dm (301.4 KB)

The “Sweep 2 rails” polysurface could be exploded, then using “RemoveMultiKnot” followed by “Merge surfaces” with the “Smooth=No” option will convert the 15 surfaces into a single one. However, as other already noted, the input curves are not the best way to create such shape.