Loft issue

I am having a loft issue. I am looking for a closed surface in a canoe like shape but my lofts seem to be inside out! Thanks in advance.LOFT ISSUE.3dm (137.4 KB)

Hello - see Help on how Loft works…
The curves in your file are not arrtanged for Loft to use, nor any other surfacing command that I can think of.
see -


@cwreckord Suggestions:
Split this into three surfaces: outside, inside and top.
Work with one surface at a time. I’d start with the inside or outside surface, which ever is the primary “show” surface.
If you start with the outside surface the inside can be created using OffsetSrf or vice-versa. If thickness does not have to precisely uniform try the Loose=Yes option.
Create the top. BlendSrf may be useful.

Example using the curves from the first post: CPendant.3dm (2.8 MB)

Copy and split the provided curves.
Create outer surface using Sweep2 with a point at either end and the outer portion of the center curve.
OffsetSrf with Loose=Yes to create the inner surface.
BlendSrf to create the rounded top surface.

Thank you so much @davidcockey ! I got it to work at one point with loft, I think but I was getting all mixed up. So I appreciate your help!

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