Rhino WIP Freezing Effect

There is some “freezing effect” for Rhino 6.
To be specific, when there are many lines, say a lot of contours, if I execute two operation in a continuous way, rhino will freeze for ~0.5s until the second operation is executed.

For instance, I use right click to drag the view once, and right after this drag, I drag another time, then there is a noticeable “stop" in between.

It doesn’t happen if I operate on the same model in Rhino 5.

If the model is light and doesn’t contain many lines, there is no problem.

Is it just a optimization problem or a bug?

I’m using W540 Thinkpad and K2100 video card, so I assume it shouldn’t because my hardware is not good enough.

@xlitox can you please record a video of what you’re seeing and also include a Rhino model that reproduces the problem?

@brian Here are the two links:

Video File

Model File

Thanks I reported this to @stevebaer in RH-36207

I cannot access the bug track.
But you can leave a message here if you need further info about this issue.

Oops, my mistake - I forgot to make the issue publicly viewable - you should be able to see it now.

This is an optimization problem that I hope to get to, but have higher priority issues to fix right now.

Did this model get created by importing a file from a different application?

Yes, by importing a dwg file.
This is very common in architecture field – dwg files of the sites from
planning departments.