Loadplugin Error

I installed the latest Rhino update, but then had to roll back my system using system restore, I’m not sure if it was because of the update or because of an external drive wouldn’t eject before I had to hard-reboot.

Anyways, now my Rhino is screwed up. I get this error 20 times or so before loading to a Rhino screen with all of my customization lost.

Am I going to have to reinstall Rhino?

This could be a clue:

BTW using the repair mode in the installer didn’t help.

Uninstalling/reinstalling did fix it, and it even brought my toolbars and settings back.

Try running the latest Rhino 5 service release installer from here… http://www.rhino3d.com/download/rhino/5.0/sr

This plugin is for 3d connexion devices and installs with Rhino 5 by default. I’m not sure, but it seems like rolling back your OS only rolled back some portions of what Rhino installs.

Okay, good… glad you got it sorted.