Rhino License No Longer Checked Out


A user checked out a license and it has seem to disappear of their machine. Rhino is prompting to connect reconnect to the Zoo however the Zoo says it’s still checked out.

Hi @eenglish,

What are version of the Zoo you are using? And what is the version of Rhino the user is running?

Is this something you can repeat?

If the user is “down”, you can do the following to get him up and running:

1.) Close Rhino 6
2.) Navigate to %APPDATA%\McNeel\Rhinoceros\6.0\License Manager\Licenses
3.) Delete the 55500d41-3a41-4474-99b3-684032a4f4df.chk file.
4.) From the Zoo console, pick the checkout license and click Edit > Recover.
5.) Restart Rhino 6

– Dale

Hi Dale,

Thankfully, I recently got this resolved as I’m working with @Andres_Jacobo_Gonzal on the issues. Appreciate the response though, I should have closed it out sorry.

In terms of version, it was Rhino 6.


We’re having the same issue.
How did you solve it?

Hi @thomasn
I believe the the solution was McNeel resetting the License Key on their server. I would reach out to McNeel and quote the serial number if you can or @Andres_Jacobo_Gonzal , can you please help out Thomas?


Hi @thomasn, please PM me your license key so that we can see what can be done about the problem.