Old Rhino Zoo interfeeres with new license


I am new to Rhino and already have a problem. I’m working on a borrowed computer which was connected to a zoo license.

Whenever I open Rhino it tries to connect with this license and fails. When I close the message window the whole of Rhino shuts down and gives me no chance on adding my test license code.

I tried deinstalling and reinstalling rhino, but nothing changed and it still tries to connect to the zoo and then shuts down

I managed to open the preference window while the failure message is displayed, but it doesn’t let me click on any options…

Does somebody else have a similar problem or has a solution?

Thank you

Apologies for the delayed reply. If you have your original MR50 license key, you can delete the license that Rhino is attempting to use. To do this, use macOS’s Finder > Go > Go to Folder… to go to:

/Library/Application Support/McNeel/Rhinoceros/License Manager/Licenses/

NOTE well: If you move (or delete) the .lic files here, Rhino 5 for Mac will prompt you to enter a new license. It is highly advised you have your license key handy before you do any of this.