Zoo 6 V6.2.18046.13391 Rhino 5 license checkout trouble

We bought the Rhino 6 upgrade and there for we had to upgrade our Zoo also. Since that Zoo upgrade we are facing several problems with our Zoo 6 in combination with License Check Out.

  1. When the server or service is restarted the settings in Options, Enable license check out is not remembered. Our default is “Enable License Check out”, duration 9 days. After a restart it turns the “Enable license check out” off and fills the duration with a greyed out 30 days default.
  2. When the server was restarted one of our licenses was checked out. We can’t check it in again. The same user on the same computer is holding two licenses now for only one Rhino 5 window open. So, we miss a available license.

Hi @systeembeheer,

Thanks for posting and sorry for the issues.

I am able to repeat item no. 1, and I have logged the issue.


If you have a license checked out and you want to force a checking, just pick the license and then click Edit > Recover. Does this help?


– Dale

Hi @Dale,

Thanks for your reaction. I’m glad you could reproduce the first one, the remembering of the settings.

The “Recover” option worked fine. I did not discover that option before, also because it is greyed out till I expand the “+” sign before the two (V5 and V6) grouped licenses and select a single license.

Kind regards,

Jan Willem