Rhino license manager initialization failed with error -200

First time user. This is what I get after Install.
Please help?

Hi Steve - please try:

open Windows control panel > Programs and find the Rhino installation in there, right click and choose ‘Repair’. Let that all happen and then you may need to re-boot, but I think it will sort out that error.


Will do. Repair after I just installed it?

Hi Steve- I know… I am not sure that it will sort it out, but I have run into this on a couple of times (I install and unistall a lot in a day) and the repair routine did fix it for me…


Sorry no change. But you did fix the problem I was having with Meshlab!!!

@brian - got an idea?

Brian, I just had this happen to me - Uninstall 6.2, install latest 6.1 build, then, later, let that auto-update to the 6.2 build again.

Rhinoceros  License Manager
Rhino license manager initialization failed with error -200.
Rhino will not run

(Repair from Control Panel fixed it here again)

Added a YT item - https://mcneel.myjetbrains.com/youtrack/issue/RH-43714


OK - thanks, kicking this to bigger brains…

@sbright33 - this is a V6 installation, correct?


Newest dowloaded today 6.01

Hi @sbright33 - just to make sure I understand - you’ve installed the latest Service Release Candidate (6.1) and have repaired the installation, and you still get this error?

Do you also have Rhino WIP installed?

I clicked the evaluation DL in my Email rhino_en-us_6.0.18016.23451
Did the repair as above.
Don’t know what is WIP.

Please help?

This is really strange. Can you please verify that your Windows has all the latest Windows Updates installed? That “Error -200” indicates a failure loading the licensing code, and specifically initializing the .NET framework.

Also, please restart your computer, and do the repair again.

If that doesn’t help, I’ll need to do a remote control session on your computer to help.

Just updated my R6 (i believe Rhinoceros 6.16.19190.07001) to the new service release and get this error.
Pretty annoying i have to say:

Any suggestions?

Made the repair and restarted the computer: R6 is now working.
Still annoying, though.