Rhino 6 - license manager initialization failed with error 200

I just downloaded an evaluation of Rhino 6.
After install as Rhino is starting I receive the following error:
Rhino license manager initialization failed with error - 200. Rhino will not run."

Any thoughts?

Thank you
Michael Gayk

Hi Michael - thanks, I am checking on this.

@gaykm - can you please try repairing the installation? You can run the installer again and choose ‘Repair’. Does that do anything good?


Hello Pascal,
Running the install again with Repair downloaded.Net Framework 4.5 and repaired .Net Framework 4.5. Nothing has changed, I am still receiving the same license error 200.

Thank you
Michael Gayk

Hi Michael,

Please open Apps & Features in Control Panel and repair the installation of Rhino 6. Does that help? If not, I’ll need to remote control your computer and see what I can figure out.

Hello Brian
Repairing from Apps within Control Panel does not solve this issue. Same error ; 200

Thank you

Please ensure you have the latest Windows Updates installed - is your computer completely up-to-date?

OK, working on updates now.

Got it. I believe it was an .NET issue.

Thank you
MIchael Gayk

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