Rhino 6 - license manager initialization failed with error 200

(Gaykm) #1

I just downloaded an evaluation of Rhino 6.
After install as Rhino is starting I receive the following error:
Rhino license manager initialization failed with error - 200. Rhino will not run."

Any thoughts?

Thank you
Michael Gayk

(Pascal Golay) #3

Hi Michael - thanks, I am checking on this.

@gaykm - can you please try repairing the installation? You can run the installer again and choose ‘Repair’. Does that do anything good?


(Gaykm) #7

Hello Pascal,
Running the install again with Repair downloaded.Net Framework 4.5 and repaired .Net Framework 4.5. Nothing has changed, I am still receiving the same license error 200.

Thank you
Michael Gayk

(Brian Gillespie) #8

Hi Michael,

Please open Apps & Features in Control Panel and repair the installation of Rhino 6. Does that help? If not, I’ll need to remote control your computer and see what I can figure out.

(Gaykm) #9

Hello Brian
Repairing from Apps within Control Panel does not solve this issue. Same error ; 200

Thank you

(Brian Gillespie) #10

Please ensure you have the latest Windows Updates installed - is your computer completely up-to-date?

(Gaykm) #12

OK, working on updates now.

(Gaykm) #13

Got it. I believe it was an .NET issue.

Thank you
MIchael Gayk