Rhino licence mac and windows

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I just bought a computer (pc) and I have a laptop (mac) and I am thinking to buy a rhino licence, I was wondering if there was floating licences so that I can use on both once at a time?
If not, If I buy a license do I have to choose between mac and windows? or can I change my mind and remove the licence for windows and install it on my mac at some point? (so far it was the companies I worked with that provided rhino already on their computer so I am not sure how it works)


If you follow the default prompts to “Float” your license, you’ll be guided to create a login and put your license in your “Personal” licenses list.

Then it will use our Internet based floating license manager so it can hop between your several computers; both Windows and Mac, and take turns as you described.

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great, so when I buy a license It doesn’t matter if I select the windows or mac version?
Is the floating licence another option to purchase or is it included in every version?

Rhino V6 and V7 licenses support either platform.
It was only V5 licenses that were Mac/Windows specific.

Any commercial license can be used:

  • Floating - Personal
  • Floating - Team
  • Floating - LAN Zoo
  • Locked - Single computer
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Ok amazing,