Rhino 6: will the license work for both my Windows and Mac?

I have a license for rhino 6 that I use on my windows machine for years. Now however, I am doing some remote work and would like to use my Mac. Can I use the rhino for Mac using my existing license? Would it have to be Rhino 6 for Mac, or would rhino 7 work? Rhino - System Requirements for Rhino 6

If I want Rhino 7 for Mac, is this the upgrade that I would get? And would this qualify me for Rhino 7 on both my Windows and Mac computers?

Thank you.

Yes, provided you put your V6 license in the Personal licenses in your login account. Then your license can use our Internet based floating license manager. This allow you to take turns using your single user license on multiple computers.

If you use your license on a borrowed computer, be sure to Save and then LogOut of Rhino so your local license lease will be extinguished.

I looked up your license and you DID put it in your account so this is easy.

  • Install Rhino V6 on a supported computer
  • Start Rhino
  • Login

Rhino will start.

Thanks John. That’s good to know. And as for upgrading to v7, it’s $595 for me since I have v6, and this will likewise allow me to use rhino on both Mac and PC?

Yes. With more features!

Yes, just not at the same time.
You’ll still own one single-computer license, but it will support V6 or V7 on different computers, and V6 and V7 on the same computer.

The Features page on the Rhino Home page has the new and enhanced V7 tools/features. It is organized so you can drill down on what interests you.
If you like what you see, get the 90-day Eval so you can try out the new tools before you spend any upgrade money.

Thanks John. That’s great.

Hi again, So Im just testing out some round trips between my Windows Rhino 6 and Mac Rhino 6. While Rhino 6 on Mac seems to work fine, I’m unable to open the PC created file on my MacBook Pro rhino 6. However I am able to open that same file in my trial of Rhino 7 on my MacBook.
What gives? Why can’t I open my Rhino 6 PC file on Rhino 6 on Mac? I really don’t want to have to pay $800cad so I can work with a file on my Mac. :pray:

V7 can open V6 files

V6 can not open V7 files.
You have to Export from V7 to make a V6 file to open it.

Im unable to open a v6 file in rhino v6 mac.

Hi Peter -

We’ll need an example of such file.