Feature Request: Cross-Platform Rhino 5 Licences


Just added a Mac to our environment only to find out that the licenses needed for OS X differ from our existing Windows licenses. I see that the price of the Mac licenses are cheaper, but I’d rather utilize the floating licenses that we already have. Would it be possible to allow existing floating windows licenses to be used with the OS X version as well? It’s really our loss if we are using a more expensive license with a program that costs less.

(John Brock) #3

Mac Rhino and Windows Rhino are treated as completely separate products.
Mac Rhino does not have the same capabilities as Windows Rhino (no major plug-ins, no RDK based tools, etc.). As you noticed, the difference in capabilities is reflected in the price.

Mac Rhino was developed for designers that would never consider using a Windows based tool.


Thanks for your reply John. Here’s the situation I am in… Because we are primarily a windows shop, I’d prefer to pay a higher price for a license that is compatible with both platforms so I am not purchasing software for a single user.

(John Brock) #5

I understand that, but we do not have the “dual-platform” license you described, so it’s not possible.


Sure, but is it something that would be considered?

(John Brock) #7

We certainly are aware of the request. There are a lot of considerations with respect to development, deployment, updates, version upgrades, usefulness, expectations, real added value, etc.

At this point, we are concentrating on getting V6 for Windows released and Mac Rhino WIP shifted over to the V6 code base.
Anything else is a “back-burner” distraction.


Okay, so it’s not as easy as just changing Rhino 5 for Mac’s code to recognize Rhino 5 for Windows licenses as usable.

(John Brock) #9

Correct. It would far more complicated than that.