Rhino keeps on asking for Rhino 5 license today

I’ve owned Rhino since version 3, but now Rhino 5 keeps on asking for my license today.

Please help, I’m working on a large project and this is shutting me down.

Also, encountering difficulties with Octane for the first time as well (will post on their forum as well).

Windows 7, Rhino 5, v10, 64 bit.

I did install Rhino 6 WIP 2 days ago–could this have something to do with it? (Was not using Rhino 6, however)

Thank you!

I’m sorry you’re having problems.
Does Rhino ask when you first start it?
After entering it, does Rhino run?
Does it ask again during that editing session?
If so, is there a pattern of when it is likely to happen? Perhaps after a specific command?

A screenshot of the actual error message would be helpful too.

Hi John,

Thx for the quick response. It appears to happen when opening a second
Rhino instance (when I wish to copy between files).

I have deleted Rhino 6 wip in hopes that that is somehow the issue.

I’ve never had any issues with Rhino–love it!

I’ll try again tomorrow and see what happens…maybe it has something to
do with Octane crashing–which also is usually rock solid within Rhino.

Best regards,