Rhino 5 instances collision


I have been using rhino 5 for a while to automate some graphic files creation. recently i have made changes to run more instances of rhino in concurrent fashion but not the same rhino files.
so for example i run:
1.3dm and 1.gh once every 30 minutes
2.3dm and 2.gh once every 10 minutes
3.3dm and 3.gh once every 5 minutes
times are arbitrary but files 2 and 3 are opened almost simultaneously.

if for the last year i saw a red square saying Rhino license is in use once or twice
now I see it pretty often maybe once every two weeks.

I’m not sure to how to investigate why this happens do you have any suggestion to see what is causing this error so that i can try to catch it before it happens or while it happens to try and run again.


hi @Pavel_Melnichenco are you running any plugins?