Rhinoceros 5 - License Not Found

recently updated Windows 10 Pro 64-bit and now am unable to open Rhino 7. on opening, a message titled “Rhinoceros 5 - License Not Found” with the following message is displayed "A license for Rhinoceros 5 was not found on your system. Rhinoceros 5 will not run without a valid license. What would you like to do? " selecting “Enter a License”, the dialog box will NOT let me change RH50 to RH60… I do NOT and have never owned a Rhinoceros 5 license. what needs fixing and how is it fixed?


Hi Art -

Are you using Rhino 6 or Rhino 7?
Was Rhino installed before you updated Windows?
Have you tried downloading the latest version and installing that one?

thanks for your post/e-mail! downloaded the latest version of Rhino 7 and the problem is gone; curious