Rhino iPad app not loading texture mapping correctly

I am a huge fan of your iPad app in addition to your excellent products and I’m starting to evolve my workflow with desktop designing and then adapting tests into the “real world” with the iPad app and AR function.
This morning I was finishing texturing a product on the desktop, nicely doing texture mappings for all objects and saved it in my folder to load on the iPad.

When having the product with all texture maps detailed on the desktop, the iPad app loads it “simply” and not great.

Do you have any answers to this ?

Would you be able to share the file? So I can debug your issue?
You can email it to me morteza@mcneel.com

Sent this morning with texture atached

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I released a new version (8.0.23253) to Appstore this morning that should fix your texture mapping issue. Please update your app