Rhino Installer Engine

Hi Guys, I am very confused about the Rhino Installer Engine. How do I install an RHI file such as the Paneling Tool? The RHI format is not recognized by windows nor by the Plugin Installer nor Grasshopper. Not sure what to do.
Many thanks.

@brian you may want to look at this issue.

Hi Steve, thank you very much for your reply.
I selected the Rhinoexec.exe file as default opener on windows and now it recognizes the format so it’s all good. Thanks.

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Unfortunately I’ve been seeing a trend of people having problems installing RHI files after installing Rhino 5 SR5. I’m still trying to understand why the file association isn’t getting set properly. I’m glad you got it sorted out manually.

Hi @brian.

I got to SR6 and though I managed to solve the association problem, Rhino still tells me the package is not compatible. Should I do a clean install?

No, you likely have a corrupt RHI file. Please delete it and download again and see if that fixes incompatibility error.

Brian Gillespie