RHI install failure

the Rhino Installer Engine fails to install a plug-in for Rhino 5 - 64 bit.
It seems to work for V5 32 and V6:

I’ve installed Version 5 SR14 64-bit (5.14.522.8390, 22.05.2017)

Using the intaller option “just me” the rhp-file goes to the correct directory:
C:\Users<user>\AppData\Roaming\McNeel\Rhinoceros\5.0\Plug-ins\pmot (e14abdcb-4194-474e-7cde-33bf8607a972)\1.0.6370.22979 but it will not be registered.

Manually installing the plugin by drag&drop works.
The .rhi file was created with RhinoScriptCompiler.exe.
The files are not blocked for security.

Anyone else seeing this?

Does this help?

Hi John,

no there is no solution to the problem I’ve described.
We will see if my colleges have the same problem with this file or if it is my computer…


i solved this by opening the *.rhi file with
"C:\Program Files\Rhinoceros 5 (64-bit)\System\x64\rhiexec.exe"
instead of
"C:\Program Files\McNeel\Rhino Installer Engine\x64\rhiexec.exe"

The second one is for Rhino V6.
You must have installed the V6 WIP after you installed V5.

Had you run the installer for V5 again and “repaired” the installation, the Windows file association would have been set back to the most recently installed version that you needed.
I’m glad you figured it out.

no need to reinstall,I use a application “types.exe” that allows me to add or change file associations on windows. Except for the new type :angry: “AppXcc58vyzkbjbsetc.:-”

Thanks @JavierG and @John_Brock,
repairing the installation fixed the problem for me.

I had to delete this file first “C:\Program Files\McNeel\Rhino Installer Engine\x64\rhiexec.exe”

before my system would recognise this path: “C:\Program Files\Rhinoceros 5 (64-bit)\System\x64\rhiexec.exe”

Otherwise it defaulted to Rhino6

That’s because you installed V6 after V5 so the Windows file association to the Rhino Installer Engine was changed to the newer one.

Thanks John,

It would be better if they were named differently. I have customers installing plug-ins with limited understanding of Rhino & Windows OS.

Also there will be users with both V5 and V6, who expect that plug-ins should install to the appropriate version - ie if the plug-in was compiled for V5 that it should install to V5.


Yes, that would be better, but that isn’t possible currently based on how the simple RHI tool was designed.
If you install a newer version of a tool, the Windows installer associates the related file to the newer version.
This only gets goofy if you are messing with pre-released software and have multiple versions of tools.

Could a youtrack be raised to implement something in the future - even for V7 ?


For V6, the Rhino Installer Engine is installed as an application which will help, but RHI files will always be associated with the last installed tool that uses them.
That’s just how Windows works.
If you install the new version of Application X, it’s installers change the file association to the new version of the application.

This is just one of the extra details you take on when you work with pre-released software and have multiple versions on your computer.

That is fine when Application Y overwrites Application X. But Rhino is different in that users will often have both X and Y installed so that old plug-ins can still be run / installed.


we are doing this only for you,
so you can fix these bugs :wink:

The only way around this would be for the file extension names be different and this opens up another can of worms.

If you edit a Rhino 3dm file with Rhino 4, then install Rhino 5 or 6, then 3dm files are associated with the most recently installed version.
Your alternative is to Right-mouse click on the file and specifically choose the application you want to run it with.

We did not make up these “rules”.

But you made the installers. Just make sure it installs correctly.

They are far simpler than full-blown Windows installers.
Writing MSI installer can be a painful process.
We dreamed up this relatively simple “RHI” concept so plug-in developers could easily ZIP their tools an include a small bit of decoration to make getting their tools in the right place far easier.

If you have a raster image file like a JPG or PNG file, if you double click on it in the file Explorer it will open in the most recently installed application that supports them.
If you want to open it with one of the 6 or so other applications installed on your computer, you right-click on it and choose the application.
That’s what the V6 change takes care of.
I’m sorry this is so painful for you.

When I right click the RHI file and choose the path I would like to use - Wndows still defaults to V6.

Not sure why though ?


It is absolutely not painful for me. Sorry if you got that wrong!

Going back to my initial post, looking at the screenshot I’ve posted, you’ll see that the installer worked for
Rhino 5 (32-bit) and
Rhino 6
but not for Rhino 5 64-bit.

That’s all, if you need more info than I already posted to fix that bug, then please let me know!