Create Window Family with Opening

I was hoping that I can create Window Family with wall openings but apparently I can’t at the moment.
Is there any way to do it at the moment? If not… is it in some schedule to be implemented?

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I also would like to know the way, It will make quite a lot of my work easier.

It turns out that Revit doesn’t play nice with non-native geometry inside families created with Window family template. It is not cutting through geometry on plan views.
I get good results creating faimly and setting template as Generic Model wall based and setting the Category to Window. It cuts properly.
A pain is that I must add Openings by manually editing family in Revit.

Just one thing is missing to make me happy :wink:



We have added two new components. FamilyVoid.ByBrep to add cutting geometry to any family, and the FamilyOpening.ByCurve component to add opening profiles to a family that can be hosted on a wall or a ceiling.

Here a sample that creates a window family: (38.4 KB)


Great news!
I already tested it and so far it’s working good.

Thank you.