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I am loving using rhino inside revit. I do however have one query regarding openings in walls. I have created a building core using “add wall - curve” and now I would like to punch a series of openings through for lift lobbys etc. Is there a method of doing this similar to shafts or by adding a void etc?

In the past I have used wall - profile instead as I can export the wall profiles with doors in already, however this is hit and miss and often ends up with “can’t make wall errors” hence looking for a cleaner method.

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I’ve only looked once at Revit, but…

Could you use the normal Rhino “Subtract” to cut through all the floors using a polysurface/extrusion shaped like what you want to remove?

I usually assign these cutters a special color, often orange, like construction, to tell them apart. I often put them on their own layer, so they can be hidden, and reused if you need to recreate something.

[BTW, if’s it’s a very large project, it might be worth taking the result and copying the face border, and then re-extrude it, to make lightweight-extrusions instead of polysurfaces.]

We had a similar question here.

To answer your question, yes you can create wall opening through RIR. But wall openings in Revit can only be rectangular. To overcome this issue and to be able to schedule openings created, I prefer using a Window family with Opening only.

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Following up a bit on Brenda’s suggestion you can also make Voids in Families.

Summary of Suggestions:

Wall Opening via Custom Window Family

Manual Void, or Voids in a Family

Rectangular Wall Opening via scripting

Wall by Profile

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Thank you all, much appreciated