Rhino.InsideRevit - Linked Model

Hi All,

I am trying to query the parameters for doors in a linked model. In revit, the models are linked but in grasshopper, cant do so. Anyone can show me why? Even I manually linked the elements from the model, GH show me null



you need to query the elements in the document

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Hi @Japhy,

the issue is I am able to see my link models in Revit but when I run RIR Component(Document Links) the linked models are not shown in GH

If you could share a screenshot of your definition or an example file in which we can simulate your problem, that would be great.

Where are your documents located? Local, Networked or BIM360?


I am just chiming in here to say that I am experiencing the same problem described here, and have tested on several different models. Both Local, Networked and BIM360 models and the problem persists across all of the models.

I have one tested model which is a local model, and here the problem does not exists, but it exists on other local models. I have not been able to discern what is different about that specific model…

i cannot screen out the elements in linked file as well, the file is on BIM360. Is there any solution for that?

I’m trying to get Structural Framing(Other) in the linked file but seems the category only got a choice as “Structural Framing”, not sure if this is the reason of the problem.

Are you getting the category from the linked document? Can you post a screenshot? Thanks.

Here’s an example of querying the linked cloud documents categories and using it to get the Linked Elements.

thanks! it’s working now!!