Linked Model Support

What’s the possibility of getting linked model geometry loaded into the current document. The use case is around using Rhino for 3D Coordination and creating elements between two models. Obviously you can only place and edit the geometry in the host document but getting the geometry from the link into grasshopper would be very useful.

A few example workflows;

  1. From a Structural Revit model with a Mechanical model linked into it get the Brep intersections between the ducts and structural walls. Create a buffer around the ducts and place an opening in the wall in the Structural Model.

  2. In the Architectural Model with the mechanical model linked in intersect the ceiling with light fixtures placing a direct shape illustrating the interference between the two.

  3. In the Mec model with the structural model linked into it create and update grids from the structural link.


The answer is yes. But you can read only if only referenced. But you need to write to the second file, open that file also. Grasshopper can write to both at the same time.

  1. Clashing two categories is easy. Use the new clash component in rhino 7 and set the different objects into the two inputs. Because this is a read, the Geo can be referenced.
  2. If you are placing a direct shape it cannot go into a reference file directly. But by opening that reference file also allows you to write there.
  3. Yes updating the grid in two models at the same time works well.

Thanks, I search for the clash component when doing some testing yesterday, but didn’t find it… I’ll look again.


It is the newest Rhino 7 versions. It is under the Intersect > Physical Toolbar in Grasshopper.

This is basically what it looks like in RIR:

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Yep, must have been in 6 when I was looking.

I am not sure I answered your reference model question right. I did speak to how it works, but we would be interested in hearing from you what challenges you are currently having with reference files. Perhaps it needs to work differently?


The last version includes those new menu options.

Tell me if it gives you any problem.

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Thanks Scott and Kike, I’ll do some testing later this week and let you know if I have any improvements suggestion or issues.

Here is an example of inspecting linked models from the host model and extracting the elements inside the linked models to grab geometry

Example files are attached here

linked (1.2 MB)


Hi Ehsan, thank you for this, it was working for me before but since updating to the latest version of Rhino WIP it now fails, any help? Thanks!

Thanks for checking this. As we make changes to the Rhino.Inside.Revit, some of the older components might need to be replaced by new ones. I updated the download with new version of the GH definition.