Rhino Inside Graphical Element - Linked model error

I am getting a weird error on a new architects linked revit model we are trying to pull into GH. It is pulling 29675 elements from the linked model all reporting as nulls with the error “referenced element could not be found”. It is registering the element as it knows what type of elements they are and how many. We have been using this workflow with other linked models from this architect with no issues.

Has anyone seen this issue?

Can you describe the process of getting to this point a bit? You have a linked model and you are right clicking the graphical element and selecting all the objects and then receiving this error?

Yes exactly, right click graphical element, select multiple linked elements. I am getting this error on 2 out of 8 models all from the same project managed through BIM360.

When I query the linked document I am able to produce results which do not work through the right click graphical element approach. This however pulls all elements from the linked document which is not ideal when only a portion of the model is desired.