Rhino Inside with ShapeDiver not working

Hi all,
Please, if anyone knows about this issue, how to solve it.
I’m in pain trying to solve it, but I could not.
Please, I need assistance with it.

You can not use components of the Rhino.Inside plugin when you upload files to ShapeDiver. Please remove those components from your definition and try again. If you do not see any Rhino.Inside components in your definition, please save it as a .ghx file and post it here so we can analyze the issue.

Hi Mathieu Huard,
Thank you for your reply.
There are some Rhino-Inside Components in my file, and I need them with my ShapeDiver script.
What is the way to make it right?

Rhino.Inside.Revit components are meant to be run from a Grasshopper instance running inside Autodesk Revit. This would mean that our servers need to run Revit in the cloud, which is not possible, our servers only run Rhinoceros.