Rhino.Inside plugin components are 'unknown' Objects when opening GH file


Lately started using Rhino inside.
So far quite positive.

However I noticed a thing:
The ‘Revit.inside’ plugin is ‘only’ present in Grasshopper when openend from within Revit (I do understand the reason behind).

Unfortunately this has also an unwanted side effect:

When a GH file is opened which hold ‘Revit.inside components’ you get an ‘Unrecognized Object’ error message (when loading the GH file simply from Rhino (not from Revit)).

This means, if you have a GH file which does multiple things (not only transferring data between Revit-GH) every time you open the script you get the ‘anoying’ message shown below.

Is there an option to avoid/ommit this messege?

Many thanks :slight_smile:


Depending on what you are doing the Data Input / Output would be way around this limitation.

Non-Rhino.Inside.Revit aspects could be broken out and solved remotely.

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Hi Japhy,

Thanks for your reply!
Its a bit of a workaround but ok :slight_smile:

Must admit I didnt know the component before!
Just out of curiousity, what is the difference of the hops component?

Many thanks :slight_smile:

Data Output/Input is a file being read, Hops creates a headless Rhino server that solves your Grasshopper script.


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Hi @Japhy,

One more question regarding the Data Output component.
Would it be possible to add the file ‘directory’ as ‘input’, instead of manually right click and having to select a file?

This way it would become possible defene/select a file location more generic.

Many thanks :slight_smile:

Agreed, there are two similar Feature Requests on the books already.