Rhino.Inside Revit - Set View Range

Is there any way to set the View Range settings via RIR.
I have seen there is View Range Elevations node to get these values, but I would like to set them too.

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Is there any news on that @Japhy ?

Hi B. Balbastre,

We added a View Range Element component a while back.

Hi @Japhy

I saw you can view the range of a view but what a about set your own parameters. Is it possible to override them?

We don’t have a component for that property, i’ve added a feature request.

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Hi @bbalbastre,

We have enabled ‘View Range’ component as a setter in v1.22.

RiR-GetSet-ViewRange.gh (41.9 KB)

Numbers are interpreted as offsets over the level associated to the View.
To set it to Unlimited you have to connect the ‘None’ level.
In order to combine a Level and an offset please use ‘Level Offset’ component.

‘Level Offset’ can be also used to express an elevation using an other Level like this.
‘Project Elevation’ can also be also used in a similar manner to see the elevation measured from the Survey point.

This snipped for instance resets all plan views to have same view range but referencing only the Level the view is using.

Here ‘Level 2’ is changed in ‘Site’ View to be ‘Level 1 + 3000mm’ which is same elevation, but now ‘Site’ view is not affected by ‘Level 2’ if this is moved.


Also added ‘Levels Adjacency’ to get level below and above an elevation.

Used this way it gives you the levels above and below a certain elevation.

Or used this other way it gives you the closest one, upside or downside.