Get the View Range of a View


Is there a way to get the view range of a view in Rhino.Inside Revit? Can’t seem to find it in the built-in components.

Hi @famak2,

What do you mean by View Range?

  • A Box
  • Or in plan views the Levels that do limit the View?

The levels + offsets that limit the view. Basically the same information that is in the view range dialog in Revit.


famak2, Those are a bit buried and can be accessed with the .GetViewRange method. (5.5 KB)

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Thanks, Japhy! I was hoping I wouldn’t have to dig into the API, as I’m not so quick at whipping up a coded solution yet. Though I would have had to do give it a go eventually.

The View Extents component on the bottom right in my screenshot initially got my hopes up, but it looks like it achieves something similar to the View Crop Region component above it? It would be helpful if the view range was included in one of these 3 components perhaps at some point. Or even a separate one.

hmm, actually now that I look into it further, it’s giving me strange results. For example here with the cut plane it’s somehow at 3.93… while the actual cut plane offset is 1.2.

I figured our that it’s giving me the value in Feet.

Hi @famak2,

We added ‘View Range Elevations’ in v1.14 to extract the solved view range elevations.

This works even View range planes are defined using ‘Below Level’ or ‘Above Level’ on the View.

You can also convert to Plane or Box like this.


Thank you for the update! Looking forward to try it in the next release.

Is this a new component as well? I couldn’t find it in version 1.12 or in the later RC version release notes.


It was called ‘Level Constraint’ but didn’t allow to deconstruct or update an existing one.
Now is called ‘Level Offset’ is mainly a Level reference and an Offset value over this Level.
When converted to number becomes an absolute elevation.