Rhino Inside Revit_Orienting columns

Hi Everyone,
Having troubles with rhino inside revit (quite new with it)…I am trying to place the columns within the model at spefic heights and with a specific orientation… but if the orientation comes out correct the position and the height of the columns not. Anyone can help me?

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Try using Add Component by Location

to set the height you can inspect the element to get the available parameters and set your own

Thanks a lot I will try it!

Hi Rickson,
my biggest problem is when I try to repeat it on all the floors of the projects…it moves randoly the colums and when I graft it, well it doesn’t work. Any idea?

Branching most likely. Use param viewer and export your GH canvas or take a screen shot.

if you have columns in Branch {0} [0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7] and levels {0} [0,1,2] its going to wrap the list of columns on the levels list. if you graft the levels {0} [0] {1} [0] {2} [0] its not going to work.

you want a branch of columns for each level.

Columns {0} [0,1,2], {1} [0,1,2], {2} [0,1,2] to match grafted levels {0} [0] {1} [0] {2} [0]

{} is branch [ ] being index

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sorry for being messy and thanks again

so if you unflatten your location inputs and add and graft your levels you are not getting the desired result?

test 1.3dm (1.0 MB) test 1.gh (20.0 KB)

No It doesn’t work

what doesn’t work about it?

i get the floors and rotated columns immediate upon opening.

Hi Rickson,
It’s still stegiudici. Answering from another ID Because I had to leave the office. Did you try to use my files…with me the columns were not matching the Florplates. Could you upload again your script?
Thanks again for the help

your script worked fine, i didn’t do anything except open it

Ok, great. I will check on monday if it was a problem with the family or some bug of the session. Thanks again and have a nice weekend.