Revit columns component wont stretch the length of the line Grasshopper

I’m new to Rhino in Revit and am trying to create a structure for my school project. So far I have just captured the structural grid from rhino put it into grasshopper and offset the points to create columns. However, the columns won’t stretch the full 16 feet as shown. Maybe my workflow is wrong, but in theory this should work right?

Generally it looks right, can you include the GH file and the 3dm if it is needed? We will take a look.

I guess we will need the Revit file also to make sure we are using exactly the same settings.

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I’m not sure how to upload the Revit file as it’s not supported, but here is the grasshopper file. I’ don’t know how much good it is by itself as I have linked everything from Revit grid structures, and structural members. I was having problems with the columns marked level 2 within grasshopper.

I was also wondering if there is a way to rotate a Revit column off the normal x,y plane, as my level 3 is rotated about 55 degrees, but when I put the columns in there is no way to rotate them parametrically within grasshopper using Revits columns. I attached a couple pictures from revit if that helps

Give the Revit file a try again, I made something changes I hope helps

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Transit Hub.rvt (7.2 MB)

Here it is!

If I am not mistaken, the columns are interacting with the beams. The beam is starting and ending short because it knows it is connected to the beams. If I delete the beams and recalculate, then the columns are full height. I expect this is because the beams and columns share and endpoint.

This is quite a nice model.

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Okay, thanks for your help! I also was having trouble with the Revit columns not rotating/being stuck on the xy plane, but if I replace them with beams instead it works.

Yes, the column rotation problem might be our fault. The Add Column component still needs some work to handle rotation better.

You can set the ‘Cross-Section Rotation’ parameter after creating it if you are using ‘Structural Columns’.
If you are using ‘Architectural Columns’ the ‘Add Component’ takes a Plane and uses plane origin position and orientation respect World XY plane to place the column. (19.5 KB)

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