Rhino inside revit issue

I can not expand the geometry in Revit. I created the house in grasshopper but can not expand in Revit. As the picture shows there suppse be a floor, but can not show on Revit.
I made some components that want to move geometry and change material, but I can not move geometry and change its material in Revit.

Jeffrey Song House z5331889 code 2270.rvt (16.2 MB)
gh 2270 new.gh (1.3 MB)

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I used Add Geo DirectShape in Grasshopper only shows in Rhino But can"t show in Revit.

Make sure your Units are corresponding in Revit/Rhino


I all use meter in Rhino and Revit.

Does it work in a new file for you?

No. I tired in a new file it’s the same.

New file is a default revit template or a custom file? I’m not able to repeat this so far.

It works in the default temple, but how can I select Geo in Revit? like I want to move my floor in revit

Hi Japhy,
Thank you. It works in the new File but How can I select this floor?

The element tracking guide explains your options, let us know if you have any questions.