Transfer geometry from grasshopper to revit


could someone please tell me how to transfer geometry from grasshopper to rhino?
this is what i get

but the building i need to trasfer i not there

thanks in advance

Hi Albert, Hard to say from the screenshot, can you post your grasshopper file with the Geometry in question internalized? (Right click on a brep component and internalize)

What are you the Units in your Rhino as well as you Revit files?


thanks for you feedback. same units in meters, i mean which components and step you follow. maybe a simple example can help me. my geometry is too complex
Proyecto1.rvt (3.5 MB)
example 1.3dm (150.6 KB)
example (5.2 KB)

here you have a very simple example

Try in a new file (Metric-Architectural Template), there is something odd about your Revit file. I’ll dig around and see what i can find out.

Is this template file upgraded from a VERY old version of Revit?

it is revit 2022 because Rhine.Inside plugin is only in revit version 2022

the solution to my problem is connect all your geometry in a bre component before connectong to “ADDGEOMETRY DIRECTSHAPE” component from revit

Thanks for the update.

Dragging the various wires in one at a time might have confused the element tracking. A temporary switch to Replace mode could resolve that.

I got your file to work. The phase filter was set and not showing the new geometry.