Rhino Inside Revit fails to load

Recently Rhino Inside Revit for Revit 2020 became unusable on my machine. I can open Rhino, sometimes I can open GH. But when I try to do anything in Rhino or GH, all three interfaces (Rhino, GH, Revit) get stuck. I can only kill the Revit process to exit.

Can anyone help?

Here are the software versions:
RIR Version

To start I would download the Rhino 7 and the RIR and install them both over the tope of what you have. This will make sure everything is up to date:


Rhino fails to load when one or both of these two add ins are loaded in revit. Naviate and PyRevit. I’ve tried to fix the conflict according to the workaround you have presented. Is their any other options or ways to workaround Naviate?

We have a new Rhino 7.1 service release candidate that is supposed to address this issue, can you download it and give it a try? It is available to anyone that own Rhino 7.0 Rhino 7 Service Release Candidate Available