Import 3D model from Rhino to Revit

Hello, I’m a student whose task is to import a 3D model of a trash can (consisting of many polysurfaces, but mainly simple shapes) from Rhino into Revit. I watched a few guides on but I haven’t seen one that is based on a ready project - is it possible to export a ready model to revit as a family, or do I have to remodel it from grasshopper? This is how it look like in Rhino.

Hi BlackLone Wolf,

What are your expectations in Revit?

Going through all the options that Revit affords would give you an idea of the pros & cons of each.

There is an import button that will bring geometry into a Revit project/family.


Direct Shapes & Direct Shape Types can make a pseudo Revit Family.

Creating a new Family is an option as well, especially if you are looking to add constraints and control materials later on.

There are also 3rd party plugins that facilitate workflows such as Conveyer, Beam or Adaptive Parts Environment (who has taken the Rhino-Revit workflow to a new level)

Hello Japhy
I think Pseudo Revit Family is not an option, I must make it edibitable later, so I must make it in grasshopper, I think (becuase import it by 3DM disabaled it).