Rhino Inside Add Floor component issue

Hi all

I am having some strange issue with the add floor component - it reports an error saying that it can’t make extrusion. It’s a fairly complex shape, so it might be that revit simply doesn’t like the geometry or there is a bug with the floor component (the way it handles GH curves?)?

I’ve uploaded the rhino file is someone has time to help. It would be great understand the reason for such behavior. Sometimes, when it does make a revit floor - I am unable to edit it which is another thing I find strange.

floor curves .3dm (151.8 KB)

ok got to a working solution - simplifying the curve with tolerance actually made it work with the Add Floor component.

However, before I found the working solution I noticed that the original curve worked fine with the Add Roof component, but with Add Floor it didn’t. I would expect these two nodes to behave similarly?

Have you tried using the Rhino ‘convert’ command on the linework before putting it into the RIR Add Floor component? That will let you convert the linework into Arcs and Lines, which I have had more success with on complex floor profiles. I have found that Revit struggles with deg 3 curves/splines.