Dynamically change *.ghdata-file-location for Input / Output Components

Hi all, hello David.

I was wondering if there is any way to assign a ghdata file to the Input / Output components other than manually selecting it. It’s the same with with Flux and Speckle (again, just manual selection…). This would be such a small change, but its sooo useful. Just an Input for a String/Path… Something like… (see Screenshot)

Or is there is simple way doing this with C#?

Thank you very much!

If you supply more than one file for the Output, that might work (I guess all the files would be the same), but what should happen if you supply more than one input?

ps. I’ll be out all week starting soon, so I won’t be able to continue this discussion for long.

It’s not so much about suppling several outputs at once, it’s rather about having one GH definition which performs one job after another, saving each result(s) in a separate file. Another scenario (not really, its basically the same) would be that several users use the same GH file. E.g. User A outputs UserA_MeshResult_Job0.ghdata, User B -> UserB_MeshResult_Job0.ghdata etc. The GH File picks them up, does the job, and at the end all users should get their own results back. So lets say, its about changing inputs.

And your components are really fast at doing (sending, receiving, even big files) this. Serializing data works, but is slow with big files, Plugins like ThePipe are really slow when there is a lot of data (and same issue, only manually changing possible).

I hope, this makes it a bit more understandable…

PS: The GH File is located on a server, so neither User A nor B nor whoever can access the GH definition directly…

I know it’s not about that, but as soon as the location is treated as an input to the component this becomes a possibility that needs to be dealt with. I’m just wondering out loud what sort of solution would be acceptable. Throw errors if more than one file is provided? Try and make it work as best as possible?

That, I agree, would be very handy. Swapping out various target files is a time consuming and error prone process the way it’s set up currently.

I’ll have to think about this in more depth. Whether a single input is sufficient, or whether some other solution might avoid some of the problems.

I’ve logged it under RH-44065 lest I forget about it.

Thanks! Hope to hear from you when youre back.

any progress on this?
it would be an amazing feature!