Hi all, I am trying to open, via Rhino.Inside, my .gh file in Revit. When I open the grasshopper file the program reports me missing some plug-ins, only they are installed and correctly placed in the Grasshopper library folder, in fact, if I open the file directly from Rhino>Grasshopper I have no problem

Hi Federica,

What version of Rhino & Revit are you using?

You can get the complete About info like so… Help Us Help You - Rhino.Inside.Revit Edition - #5 by Japhy

I suspect you are using Revit 2025, which runs in a newer version of Microsoft .Net and those plugins might not be loading in that environment.

Revit 2024 and Rhino 8.

Just installed one of the plugins, not seeing any issues with compatibility.

I don’t why my revit have this problem only with some plugin of grasshopper. For example with ladybug there isn’t problems. I’m wondering if it is necessary to move around the installation folders of the Revit plugins.

Are your plugins in atypical locations? GrasshopperFolders command in Rhino can help verify the location.

this is the file path: C:\Users\hp\AppData\Roaming\Grasshopper\Librariesd

Do you see the plugins mentioned above in that folder?

Uploading: Screenshot 2024-06-11 170847.png…