Rhino.Inside Panels not Showing

We are running Rhino.Inside in a .Net 4.8 WPF application. We have taken ownership of the Main Rhino Window and positioned it without our application. When attempting to show any of the Panel UI from Rhino nothing happens.

We are starting the RhinoCore Message Pump on Idle of the WPF Dispatcher, using the ComponentDispatcher.ThreadIdle Event using _rhino_core.Run(); This has fixed our issues with Keyboard Input.

I can manually load a Dockbar, but a DockPanel doesn’t work at all. So we cannot use for instance the Layer command to view the Layer Panel.

Previously we were running two processes, and this worked find when launching Rhino separately, but the Rhino.Inside way really is nice, and we’d like to stick with it, but still want some of the core Rhino functionality to work.

I’m sure there is something I’m missing, or should be doing to make this work. Please let me know if you have any ideas @stevebaer @kike


@Japhy I’ve seen a lot of your posts on Revit, just wondering if you have any insight here that might point me in a direction of something I’m doing wrong. Thanks for any insight you can provide.

Hi JDev, This topic is out of my arena but I can certainly help get it into smaller problems and bring attention to it.

The bulk of the issue seems to be this initialization part. Can you provide a code example or go into more detail on you are doing here? Are you following a particular example? GitHub - mcneel/rhino.inside: Sample Projects for Rhino.Inside

Thank you. I will put together a sample WPF project showing my implementation logic this weekend.


I’ve created a standalone WPF application, bare bones, that is starting Rhino Inside the same way we are, that reproduces the issue with Rhino Panel UI / Layers Menu / etc that we are experiencing in 3 steps:

  1. Click Show Rhino
  2. Click Open Options: you will see that window appear fine.
  3. Click Open Layers: nothing will happen. (the same as typing “Layer”)

And here is the solution:
Rhino Inside Panel Bug.zip (186.8 KB)

Let me know what we are doing wrong, or not doing that we should be to enable the other Rhino UI to work. Thanks!

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