Problems with rhino when opening with rhino.inside

Hi @stevebaer ,

We are developing a WPF app which communicates with Rhino using rhino.inside. everything works fine when rhino is openend in RhinoCore(null, Rhino.Runtime.InProcess.WindowStyle.NoWindow) mode.
Once I change it to actually open the rhinowindow, we get these errors with couple of other plugins:

and the plugins that load will load with with weird graphics:

Otherwise the application seems to work fine.

We have unchecked prefer 32-bit and we delete the rhinocommon file from the project folder…


I was able to reproduce the problem with a dummy winforms project by not adding the code below to the csproj file:
PackageReference Include=“Rhino.Inside”>
However this code is in the original project…

@kike or @curtisw, can you help here?

@kike @curtisw , any ideas?

Hi @matti.pirinen.

Please start a debug session and pause execution when the error message show up.

At that point, in VS open the Modules panel (Debug > Windows > Modules on the menu)

This will show up the list of currently loaded assemblies.

Look for ‘Rhino.UI.dll’. Is it loaded from “C:\ProgramFiles\Rhino 7\System” folder?

Hi @kike ,

It seems that the Rhino.UI is loaded from two different locations. We are working on a solution now… Problem seems to be that we are using rhinocommon nuget package instead of refering the Rhino installation folder.

Problem got resolved by removing all the nuget packages and just referencing straight to the dll files in Rhino folder and rhino.inside dll file that we copied from the nuget folder into our project folder…